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Swap ideas and services on how to create, promote, sell, show, etc - art in all mediums (print, film, painting, music, etc....)
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SF Bay Area
Lilycat on Stuff - Gun & Doll Show & V-day  topic
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Quarks  review
a Barbie line of makeup?!  review
william shatner music video  topic
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*****  review
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Hazard" movie from Janpan this june at "another...  review
A Season In Hell  review
Padrhaig's Alehouse Webstore - Mundane Gear for...  review
Under the Radar" at Counterpulse Wednesday thru...  review
Houston Consignment Shop looking for new artist!!!  topic
What is everyone up to?  topic
a very small vessel - ceramic  photo flag
New Visionary and Fantasy Art website  topic
The Perpetual Motion Roadshow-"Romance, Passion...  topic
Happy Holidays  topic
"EMERGING WOMAN" & "Voodoo Fairy Tales"  topic
Photography and beer  topic
Miggy's Closet  review
New work by John Wanzel  topic

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